II International sculpture symposium Differdange

Luxembourg 2011

Spanish version



The city council of Differdange, very active organizing various cultural activities, made for second time this international sculpture symposium, this year the theme is: "Muses", with the aim of making a permanent artistic route distributed throughout the city.

The stone chosen for this works: Carrara marble, highly crystalline, with beautiful veins and outstanding bell sound when tapped. Finally, for all sculptors, the same block size: 60 x 60 x 160 cm.

Work time: from May 25 to June 4, 2011.

My project made: "Torso of a Muse", is a figurative stylization, emphasizing organic shapes and feminine features with smooth curves and edges. The hole is an important part of the composition, playing with the concept space-matter, classic in the world of sculpture.

Following the submission of more than one hundred projects, six were selected for to make. Interestingly, three Spanish artists: Josep Moraleda, Pedro Ania and Pedro Jordan. Two Italian sculptors: Gabriele Loi and Giuliano Giussani, and German sculptress Tanja Röeder.



Participant sculptors:

Pedro Jordán, "Torso de Musa"
Tanja Röeder, Germany
Giuliano Giussani, Italy
                                                                        Pedro Ania, Spain      
                                                      Gabriele Loi, Italy      
                                                                Josep Moraleda, Spain